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Welcome to Sangha Care Resources

A starting point for support and resources that are available to current and former students of SL.

As a gesture of support and with an understanding for the many emotions and issues that could arise for individuals as a result of reading the letter to SL of 14th July, 2017 we are listing some resources and helpful links.

These resources are not  exhaustive and we  do not endorse any of the listed organisations. We simply offer them as a starting point because we have either found them beneficial for ourselves, or because they come highly recommended through a couple of trusted charitable networks.

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Advice from the Dalai Lama

In the letter to SL, the Dalai Lama is quoted.  This is taken from the Western Buddhist Teachers Conference in Dharamsala in 1993.

Read a commentary and notes from two attendees at the conference:

Ethics in the teacher-student relationship

The Dharamsala Conference

The full 16 hours of video can be found here.

Responses from Dharma teachers

Food for thought

Quotations from Buddhist teachers

What is a spiritual teacher?

Our Teachers are not Gods

Check how the Guru Handles


Confronting Abuse of Power

A documentary regarding the source of spiritual power: Kumare

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Home: Services

Further Resources

Please note that you may find the language and views in these resources as some what extreme. If you read them, we invite you to do so with an open, objective mind.
These organizations and websites are available to offer further support and information.

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Confronting Abuse: Be Proactive

Guideline for Spiritually Abused Persons

The Open Minds Foundation

A website with articles and other resources concerning undue coercion and manipulation.


A support and referral organization for former members of high demand groups, relationships and cults

Religious Trauma Syndrome

From Journey Free - a group dedicated to helping people transition out of harmful religions, recover from trauma, and rebuild their lives

If you have been abused and wish to look into further resources that address the experience of being in a high control group please click through to this link here.

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